Visual Studio Achievements

Gamified game development! My favorite ones:

Equal Opportunist (10 points)
Write a class with public, private, protected and internal members. It’s all about scope.
Interrupting Cow (5 points)
Have 10 breakpoints in a file. Where’s that bug? Could here, could be there, could be anywhere.
UML God (5 points)
Create a UML Class Diagram 10 times. Code is for sissies. Models! Models! Models!

Author: npruehs

Nick Pruehs is a Co-Founder of Slash Games, Hamburg. In 2009, he graduated as “Best Bachelor” in computer science at Kiel University. Two years later Nick finished his master’s degree in “Sound, Vision, Games” at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, becoming the Lead Programmer of Daedalic Entertainment shortly after.

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