Twitter Digest 5

This twitter digest has six tweets – coudln’t let @notch take over again, could I?

Markus Persson@notch 1:34 PM – 31 Jul 12

In case you need it, here’s an MD5 hash: 5acaabc5855af56929079cce3c89a033

Markus Persson@notch 3:08 PM – 3 Aug 12

Let’s attempt a bad idea: super multiplayer pen and paper RPG via twitter! You’re in a large tavern filled with adventurers. What do you do?

The bar quickly erupts into fighting and beer drinking, with a couple of people getting naked. Some people leave, which complicates this..

At least a dozen very violent adventurers kill pretty much everyone, and the ensuing fire takes care of the rest. GAME OVER. FINAL SCORE: 4.

You’re going to work on your teamwork for next time..

Markus Persson@notch 6:10 PM – 6 Aug 12

Science achieved! Choose progress: [ ] Proof of aliens, [ ] Proof of N=NP, [ ] Room temperature fusion, [ ] Faster science, [ ] Talking dogs

Haha, I typoed a ONE LETTER WORD. I meant P=NP. Also, talking dogs is winning.

Markus Persson@notch 10:36 PM – 27 Aug 12

I hate it when I think of super clever jokes that are longer than 140 characters. Also racism. I also hate racism.

Markus Persson@notch 8:23 PM – 16 Sep 12

7% battery remaining. I’ll just plug in my charNNNNOOOOOOO!!!! #thechargerisinanotherroom

Jeff Atwood@codinghorror 9:48 PM – 20 Sep 12

I saw someone using a pay phone today. Felt really odd, like watching someone ride a horse through the middle of the street.

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