Twitter Digest 3

Congratulations @notch, the forth Twitter Digest is all yours!

Markus Persson@notch 12:19 PM – 16 Jun 12

Sometimes when I play a game, the screen goes dark and I see my own reflection in the monitor, and wonder what I’m doing with my life.

Then the next level starts. WOO!!!

Markus Persson@notch 4:07 PM – 13 Jun 12

Spent a few hours implementing the Bullet physics lib into 0x10c today. Works well, but it has the sinking into floors issue I hate.

Physics suck and nobody likes them and also they smell. #sinkingthroughfloors

Markus Persson@notch 11:46 AM – 6 Jun 12

Free history lesson: Today is the national day of Sweden, so I guess something happened today many years ago. I don’t know what.

Markus Persson@notch 8:49 PM – 17 May 12

I would totally eat healthy food if it had any flavor.

Markus Persson@notch 3:52 AM – 10 May 12

Middle of night, very tired. Some kind of bird. You go away, bird, nobody cares, it’s four am.

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