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Interested in the funniest tweets of your favorite game developers? So am I! Happy reading!

JesseSchell@jesseschel 5:07 AM – 5 Mar 12

Who’s up for all-nude #GDC? If enough of us do it, they can’t stop us! #allnudeGDC

John Carmack@ID_AA_Carmack 4:26 PM – 2 Mar 12

History Channel is great. My seven year old son: “Did you SEE all those weapons Alexander had??? He totally EVAPORATED the Persians!!!”

Markus Persson@notch 9:16 AM – 29 Feb 12

Ok, the inevitable happened. Last night, my PS Vita turned into another device I play Plants vs Zombies on. I think I’m addicted.

Markus Persson@notch 11:09 AM – 27 Feb 12

600,000 followers. Uh.. hey how are you?

Mike Capps@epicactual 5:03 AM – 27 Feb 12

Packing for a multi-week trip. Stared at my suitcase a while, gave up, and packed 5 identical black shirts. I hope black is the new black.

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