Twitter Digest 8

Wow, it’s been over two years since my last twitter digest! I’ve made the effort to scroll all the down Twitter to recover all of the fun you’ve missed 馃槈 Seven pages of nice tweets, here goes the first ten!


Giray 脰zil @girayozil聽 路聽 13 Nov 2013

Someone made an internal tool called POT. Efficiency of relevant meetings dropped 20% due to obvious jokes.

Filipe Fortes @fortes聽 路聽 9 Nov 2013

Debugging is like being the detective in a crime movie where you are also the murderer.

Jeff Atwood @codinghorror聽 路聽 5 Nov 2013

Complaint-Driven Development: identify the 10 things users complain about most in your software, and fix those things. It works.

Giray 脰zil @girayozil聽 路聽 1 Aug 2013

A recruiter called at 6am. You’d think they’d see what timezone I’m in by looking at my resume but who has time to read resumes these days.

Giray 脰zil @girayozil聽 路聽 17 Jul 2013

Every time you feel lazy and send a bug back to QA to see if it’s magically fixed itself, a tester’s puppy gets diarrhea.

Jeff Atwood @codinghorror聽 路聽 12 May 2013

After searching, cloth “armor” is apparently a fantasy RPG conceit more than historical reality. Turns out cloth ain’t stopping swords.

Markus Persson @notch聽 路聽 29 Mar 2013

I’m so tired I could sleep.

John Carmack @ID_AA_Carmack聽 路聽 26 Mar 2013

Wasted a decent amount of time because an archaic SetColor() function was expecting 0-255 instead of 0.0 鈥 1.0.

Markus Persson @notch聽 路聽 7 Mar 2013

Here’s a list of the things I like about EA:

John Carmack @ID_AA_Carmack聽 路聽 5 Mar 2013

I advocate the use of an idVec2i type for all two integer element tasks over discrete x/y, width/height, etc. A lot of code is improved.