All Talk, All Action

Phew, finally some time to give an update! After having worked on a nice little mobile game for XYRALITY for about five months (post mortem follows), Christian and me are up to our necks adding the finishing touches to Startup Weekend Hamburg Gaming.

Apart from that, I’ve been supervising the Bachelor Thesis of Julian Löhr about Developing a Windows Driver for the Nintendo Wii Remote, which ended up in giving a talk about working with the Unreal Development Kit at the SRH Hochschule Heidelberg.

Finally, I’ve started teaching at the SAE Institute Hamburg: If you’re interested in Tool Development and/or Style & Design Principles, head over to my new teaching section and check out the slides and source code.

Pathfinder & Grab Bag API

Ho ho ho, that’s almost like Christmas! I haven’t got one, I haven’t got three, no, I’ve got exactly two things for you:

First, I’ve uploaded the API Documentation of my Grab Bag of Useful Stuff! This one is especially useful if you’re working with the libraries instead of the plain source code.

Second, I’ve finished my pathfinder tool, which illustrates different shortest path algorithms for you.


The top left shows a map of 300 x 300 tiles. Use the Unwalkable brush to the right to block parts of the map for the pathfinding algorithm. When you’re finished, set the start and finish points of the path to find.


The tool offers three different pathfinding algorithms: Dijkstra, A* and growing a rapidly-exploring random tree.

Click on Find Path to make the tool try to find a path from start to finish. All visited tiles will be painted yellow, and the resulting path will be painted green.