MSB3774 after upgrading your Windows Store app to Windows 10

If you’ve recently installed the Windows 10 Technical Preview along with Visual Studio 2015 Preview, you might encounter the following compiler error after having upgraded your C++ Windows Store app:

error MSB3774: Could not find SDK “Microsoft.VCLibs, Version=14.0”

Chances are that Visual Studio automatically changed the Platform Toolset of your project:

Platform Toolset

This may be pointed out by your version control system as well as the only change in your project file after the upgrade:

Changing it back to Visual Studio 2013 (v120) (or <PlatformToolset>v120</PlatformToolset> in the project file) might resolve that issue for you.

Author: npruehs

Nick Pruehs is a Co-Founder of Slash Games, Hamburg. In 2009, he graduated as “Best Bachelor” in computer science at Kiel University. Two years later Nick finished his master’s degree in “Sound, Vision, Games” at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, becoming the Lead Programmer of Daedalic Entertainment shortly after.

3 thoughts on “MSB3774 after upgrading your Windows Store app to Windows 10”

    1. Hey Samuel!

      Try the following:

      1. Right-click the project file in the solution explorer to the right.
      2. Select Properties.
      3. Select Configuration Properties > General.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

  1. You haven’t installed Windows 10 sdk.
    Click the .exe file of vs2015 setup ->Click ‘Modify’ -> Make sure you have selected ‘Windows 10 SDK under ‘Universal Windows app development tools’. This should fix the issue.

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