Grab Bag of Useful Stuff

My personal version of what Mike McShaffry calls a “Grab Bag of Useful Stuff” on GitHub contains all code snippets that I’ve written in my life and which are most likely to be useful in future projects again. All of this code is more or less well documented and tested. I provide this code free of charge but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY – copy and use it for whatever you like, but don’t bother me if your system catches fire.

The Grab Bag is organized as collection of .NET libraries. All of these libraries have been developed according to the best practices presented in Framework Design Guidelines by Cwalina and Abrams and adhere to the C# Code Conventions. Thus, if you are familiar with .NET technology, you’ll find it easy to navigate the libraries and find what you’re looking for. Either way, the consistency of the library allows you to transfer your learnings in using my Grab Bag from one set of features to another. The libraries are all CLS-compliant and thus can be used with any language of the .NET family.

Code quality is ensured by a load of unit tests for all features. If you should encounter a bug anyway, feel free to file a bug report at Github and/or provide a unit test yourself for helping me fix the issue as soon as possible. Invalid arguments or states are communicated by clear exception messages that help you isolate the problem.

Special thanks go to Alexander Graefenstein, Denis Vaz Alves and Christian Oeing for the permission to share the code we’ve developed together.

Grab Bag Contents

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Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Your turn! :)