Comic Collab

Sorry for having been offline for such a long time – I’ve moved to a new flat, still waiting for my ISP to flip the switch. In the meantime, Schlogger invited me to participate in a comic collab with BenAnna, JeffJojo, Jo Lott, JuliaNoody, Moritz, Pete, Hiller, Lisa and Reh! The topic: Things we used to believe back when we’re kids.

Maybe I should stop coding right now and stick to do this awesome multi-layer GIMP mouse-drawing stuff. Maybe.

Author: npruehs

Nick Pruehs is a Co-Founder of Slash Games, Hamburg. In 2009, he graduated as “Best Bachelor” in computer science at Kiel University. Two years later Nick finished his master’s degree in “Sound, Vision, Games” at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, becoming the Lead Programmer of Daedalic Entertainment shortly after.

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    1. Klar! Da ich aber erst seit ungefähr 5 Monaten weiß, dass ihr die Collab macht, hatte ich ja quasi nur den Montag Zeit, das zu zeichnen…!

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