Spring Cleaning

Now that the first days of October have passed, I’ve started the spring cleaning of my blog and Git repos. My implementation of Thorup’s linear time shortest paths algorithm is the first project I’ve wrapped up: In addition to the source code and my bachelor thesis you’ll find the final presentation at Kiel University on my SkyDrive.

Within the next weeks, I’m going to open-source more and more projects, including the entity framework I talked about a few months ago. Additionally, I’ll add more presentations I’ve given at different universities, as well as a Recommended Reading section.

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Bones 1.2 Released

Version 1.2 of our 3D sidescroller Bones has been released. Christian has fixed another blocker that could occur when the player jumped against a fence with the wrong color. New web player and stand-alone versions are live now.

Not Everything Is Black And White…

… or is it? At the fourth InnoGames Game Jam, we succeeded in creating a single-player 3D sidescroller in 48 hours.

Help Bones to get to finally find some rest. Your single tool: Switch his color from white to black – and back. How does that make any difference? I guess you’d better find out!

Thank you Ibrahim, Schlogger, Christian and Stefan for the great job, and thank you InnoGames and Michael Indyk for the amazing weekend!


Past weekend three teams created three games in about three days at the first Daedalic Game Jam. I was the only programmer working on Worlds of Combo, a completely hand-drawn 2D single-player puzzle game based on Unity3D.

You can play the game in your browser right away – what are you waiting for??

After having slept a bit…

… I’m finally able to sit up straight on my chair again and tell you more about the third InnoGames Game Jam. Having worked hard for 48 hours, our team of six people, most of which were part of the Hooked team as well, was able to create another game based on Unity3D.

Planet Wars is a 1D real-time tactics game for three players. The goal is to destroy all enemy main buildings by training units of three different types and sending them left or right. Choosing the right units and not losing track of what your both opponents do is key to winning the match.

I’d like to say thank you to Christian Oeing and all the others who were involved creating the game for the exciting and incredibly funny weekend! See you next time!