Twitter Digest 8

Wow, it’s been over two years since my last twitter digest! I’ve made the effort to scroll all the down Twitter to recover all of the fun you’ve missed 馃槈 Seven pages of nice tweets, here goes the first ten!


Giray 脰zil @girayozil聽 路聽 13 Nov 2013

Someone made an internal tool called POT. Efficiency of relevant meetings dropped 20% due to obvious jokes.

Filipe Fortes @fortes聽 路聽 9 Nov 2013

Debugging is like being the detective in a crime movie where you are also the murderer.

Jeff Atwood @codinghorror聽 路聽 5 Nov 2013

Complaint-Driven Development: identify the 10 things users complain about most in your software, and fix those things. It works.

Giray 脰zil @girayozil聽 路聽 1 Aug 2013

A recruiter called at 6am. You’d think they’d see what timezone I’m in by looking at my resume but who has time to read resumes these days.

Giray 脰zil @girayozil聽 路聽 17 Jul 2013

Every time you feel lazy and send a bug back to QA to see if it’s magically fixed itself, a tester’s puppy gets diarrhea.

Jeff Atwood @codinghorror聽 路聽 12 May 2013

After searching, cloth “armor” is apparently a fantasy RPG conceit more than historical reality. Turns out cloth ain’t stopping swords.

Markus Persson @notch聽 路聽 29 Mar 2013

I’m so tired I could sleep.

John Carmack @ID_AA_Carmack聽 路聽 26 Mar 2013

Wasted a decent amount of time because an archaic SetColor() function was expecting 0-255 instead of 0.0 鈥 1.0.

Markus Persson @notch聽 路聽 7 Mar 2013

Here’s a list of the things I like about EA:

John Carmack @ID_AA_Carmack聽 路聽 5 Mar 2013

I advocate the use of an idVec2i type for all two integer element tasks over discrete x/y, width/height, etc. A lot of code is improved.

Twitter Digest 7

Tim Dysinger@dysinger 8:50 PM – 18 Jan 13


Russ Morris@TheRussMorris 11:07 PM – 29 Jan 13

Amazing lunch at the Unity office today. I should leave every day, or “you should have left sooner” as one person said…

Jeff Atwood@codinghorror 5:57 a.m. – Feb 3, 2013

I like to go out during the Super Bowl and pretend I am the only survivor in a post-apocalyptic wasteland

Marc Gravell@marcgravell 9:43 p.m. – Feb 7, 2013

That moment during a meeting with the sysadmin team when your wife, **after** walking past naked, asks suddenly: “is your webcam on?”. Yes.

Markus Persson@notch 3:35 p.m. – Feb 9, 2013

I’ve now learned never to jokingly apply nail polish without having an exit plan.

Very Grumpy Cat@VeryGrumpyCat 6:59 p.m. – Feb 12, 2013

Birthdays are good for your health. Studies have shown that people who have more birthdays, live the longest.

Robin Ward@evil_trout 9:33 p.m. – Feb 13, 201

If there is an obscure combination of keys that will suddenly close a program without prompting, I will do it accidentally.

Markus Persson@notch 12:33 p.m. – Feb 24, 2013

Good morning! I think it’s sunday, but I’m not entirely sure.

Tim Schafer@TimOfLegend 6:12 p.m. – Feb 24, 2013

Finding mermaid hair scattered all over the floor. I expect a bald Ariel doll to turn up soon. Ah, kids with scissors!

Russ Morris@TheRussMorris 6:46 p.m. – Feb 24, 2013

Classic Scotland win today. 20% possession. 20% territory. They are better without the ball.

Twitter Digest 6

Is Half-Life 3 out yet? “It looks like you’re writing a letter!” Twitter Digest 6 is here 馃檪

Jeff Atwood@codinghorror 1:43 AM – 9 Oct 12

“Man dies after winning bug-eating contest” After serious internal debate on the matter, I have elected not to click this link.

Markus Persson@notch 10:04 AM – 17 Dec 12

[Image of a cat looking up from reading a newspaper] I should learn set theory.

Markus Persson@notch 6:01 AM – 7 Jan 13

This list of reasons is shorter than advertised for three reasons: 1) It only contains this reason.

Jeff Atwood@codinghorror 9:01 AM – 9 Jan 13

“Would you like to install our free app?!?” is the new “It looks like you’re writing a letter!”

Jeff Atwood@codinghorror 8:14 PM – 11 Jan 13

Based on current trends, 10 years from now, I’ll do nothing but retweet myself all day long.

Ron Gilbert@grumpygamer 11:22 PM – 15 Jan 13

Can everyone stop tweeting for next 30 minutes, I’m trying to get some work done. Thanks.

potch@potch 11:49 PM – 18 Jan 13

alias yolo=’git commit -am “DEAL WITH IT” && git push -f origin master’

Is HL3 Out Yet?@IsHL3OutYet 4:34 AM – 21 Jan 13


Twitter Digest 5

This twitter digest has six tweets – coudln’t let @notch take over again, could I?

Markus Persson@notch 1:34 PM – 31 Jul 12

In case you need it, here’s an MD5 hash: 5acaabc5855af56929079cce3c89a033

Markus Persson@notch 3:08 PM – 3 Aug 12

Let’s attempt a bad idea: super multiplayer pen and paper RPG via twitter! You’re in a large tavern filled with adventurers. What do you do?

The bar quickly erupts into fighting and beer drinking, with a couple of people getting naked. Some people leave, which complicates this..

At least a dozen very violent adventurers kill pretty much everyone, and the ensuing fire takes care of the rest. GAME OVER. FINAL SCORE: 4.

You’re going to work on your teamwork for next time..

Markus Persson@notch 6:10 PM – 6 Aug 12

Science achieved! Choose progress: [ ]聽Proof of aliens, [ ]聽Proof of N=NP, [ ] Room temperature fusion, [ ]聽Faster science, [ ] Talking dogs

Haha, I typoed a ONE LETTER WORD. I meant P=NP. Also, talking dogs is winning.

Markus Persson@notch 10:36 PM – 27 Aug 12

I hate it when I think of super clever jokes that are longer than 140 characters. Also racism. I also hate racism.

Markus Persson@notch 8:23 PM – 16 Sep 12

7% battery remaining. I’ll just plug in my charNNNNOOOOOOO!!!! #thechargerisinanotherroom

Jeff Atwood@codinghorror 9:48 PM – 20 Sep 12

I saw someone using a pay phone today. Felt really odd, like watching someone ride a horse through the middle of the street.

Twitter Digest 4

Tim Schafer@TimOfLegend 10:10 PM

Panic! I can’t type a question mark without bringing up the keyboard shortcuts menu! Ahhhh! I can never ask another question!

I can only state facts! And yell! This is actually great! Because I know everything! Oh wait? Banging on the keyboard? Fixed it???

If all of life’s problems could be fixed by banging on the keyboard, life would be simpler. And noisier around the office.

Oh crap. It’s happening again! Banging on the keyboard does nothing! Nothing! Everything I learned in the last five minutes was a LIE!

I’ll miss you, question marks. Will you miss me

Markus Persson@notch 8:24 PM – 19 Jul 12

I’m so indie I forgot to push my git commits from the office.

Tim Schafer@TimOfLegend 8:53 AM – 6 Jul 12

Hey wait, before you go to sleep: I bought a dishwasher yesterday. There, now you can go to sleep.

Markus Persson@notch 8:29 PM – 19 Jun 12

I will not stand back from the doors. That’s how the robot uprising will start.

My lawyer is asking me to not encourage people to stand their ground against moving metal machinery.

John Carmack@ID_AA_Carmack 2:42 AM – 17 Jun 12

It is remarkable that I can have the correct technical book in front of me, yet find an answer faster with google than turning to the index.