About that interview with Peter Molyneux

When I stood up this morning, I wanted to write about that game I’m working on. But I’m not going to do that. That’s because I’ve finally come to read that interview with Peter Molyneux everyone’s been so furious about yesterday. Now, I am, too. But I think for completely different reasons.

That interview with Peter hurts me. It really, really hurts me. Not because of the things Peter did say and didn’t achieve. Not because of how he’s acting throughout the interview, trying to defend himself. But because of the way he is questioned here. Everybody who has to make like 1k business decisions each and every day will be aware that some of these decisions will inevitably be wrong.

And holding such a person up for this is not fair. Don’t get me wrong: It’s true he should apologize for these mistakes.

But he shouldn’t be taken on for them like this. Nobody should.

“Now I wish that every single idea you ever had when you’re developing a game works first time, but they don’t.”

Everybody who does not agree with this either hasn’t seriously been working on any game before – or they’re a fool.

Kudos to you, Peter Molyneux. There’s someone out there who’s on your side.