After having slept a bit…

… I’m finally able to sit up straight on my chair again and tell you more about the third InnoGames Game Jam. Having worked hard for 48 hours, our team of six people, most of which were part of the Hooked team as well, was able to create another game based on Unity3D.

Planet Wars is a 1D real-time tactics game for three players. The goal is to destroy all enemy main buildings by training units of three different types and sending them left or right. Choosing the right units and not losing track of what your both opponents do is key to winning the match.

I’d like to say thank you to Christian Oeing and all the others who were involved creating the game for the exciting and incredibly funny weekend! See you next time!

Visual Studio Achievements

Gamified game development! My favorite ones:

Equal Opportunist (10 points)
Write a class with public, private, protected and internal members. It’s all about scope.
Interrupting Cow (5 points)
Have 10 breakpoints in a file. Where’s that bug? Could here, could be there, could be anywhere.
UML God (5 points)
Create a UML Class Diagram 10 times. Code is for sissies. Models! Models! Models!